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Press Release 31.8.2023

Future Run: Shaping the Future of Competitive Gaming


Tampere, 31st of August 2023 - Future Run, a pioneering Finnish games company, embarks on an ambitious mission to redefine competitive gaming. Breaking free from industry stagnation and platform boundaries, Future Run is dedicated to reimagining gaming experiences by drawing inspiration from the legendary games that once shaped the future. 


Backed by the Finnish gaming powerhouse, Supercell, Future Run's core team of five industry veterans is focusing on real-time competitive games, weaving together solid core gameplay and strategic management aspects.


"Our mission is crystal clear, and we're wholeheartedly driven by it, building something we genuinely love is what fuels our passion, and we can't wait to share that enthusiasm with the gaming community." - Riku Rakkola, CEO of Future Run.


We are excited to announce our investment in Future Run, a prominent team with years of experience and a track record of building incredibly engaging game titles. Our investment in Future Run embarks a new collaboration that will allow us to be part of the team's journey right from the early stage. We have confidence in the vision and leadership of the Future Run team. We believe that their passion, creativity, and technical expertise will lead to the creation of incredibly innovative and immersive game titles that will excite and delight players around the world.- Jaakko Harlas, Investments Lead at Supercell


About Future Run:

Future Run is a Finnish gaming company committed to reimagining competitive gaming by exploring its illustrious past and infusing it with their vision of the future.

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